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When we want to spread out our ideas,

we ride a train of random thoughts,

Explaining the music interpreted in

a complex of stimuli.

With Classical canon in the way,

rioting at the premier.

Explanation!, he declared.

Vision in your head,

veneration or analysis clearly,

Picasso with Les Demoiselles d'Avignon;

Haunted thrill, darker thoughts...

Where were we before?

Do you like what you have got?

Take it now, or let’s strip it bare!

A great claim or a manifesto?

Leave everything; I will plunder for you –

or by not choosing ...

there is no limit.

Enlightenment! Enlightenment!

The fountain, the meritorious,

The R.Mutt, as a measure of worth.

Individualists work?

Selling my body in all its form,

objective breakdown that it serves.

Self indulgence but self discipline.

Oh, how lewd!

Tell me all about it, genius,

from a human point of view!

Speak up, human genius!

Advancing into battle is society’s status quo;


handkerchiefs worn as knickers.

It’s driving me plum crazy.

No slavery! The world is accidental!

Structures and features,

always quite the task.

The inner workings clash:

Another cause for Greenberg

on a distinctive deliberate contrary.

As thought it did not matter,

dream on, beyond!

Do you know why you are here?

The meaning of fear is not always clear!

What do I mean?

I assure you, we aren’t sentimental.

To the great artist the ethical imagination

is absolute in the persistence of memory.

But weren't we all once accused of

glaring errors,

stretched in vague terrain

And putting out our work

in dirty, square galleries?


conventions are inherited

but innovations emerge from struggles.

‘’For it is only through continued newness,

continued originality and surprise

That aesthetic quality gets maintained –

and the life of a tradition is its quality ‘’.

Confrontations, contradictions,

perpetual expectations,

reactions and innovations,

Deviation and frustration,

struggle with the retention of the old style ...


Convention isn’t ‘form’; rather it is a limiting

and enforcing condition

that functions in the interests

of the communication of aesthetic experience.

Discarding occurred – great!  

New phenomenon:

To constantly expand and assimilate.

Excessive surprise and superficial appearance,

Apprenticeship to dispense

with being of unimportant.

Oh, that’s why there is a cynic.

This self-promotion and doing what you want?

No, no, it is not self-indulgence

but self-discipline

that makes the individual .

Supportable position: confusion.  

Deliberately meretricious, perhaps?

Open minded to everything

Inspiration is the goal

Ocean of possibilities;

Forces exist in the absence of thought.

Let us authenticate our work

with every new media.

The past diminishing itself in the process.

Often it has failed to rise above ignorant philistinism.

Evolution, statement, representation,

Treason of images,

and Everyone I ever slept with.

Let it be considered, for sake of the argument,

crowded room, recourse to representation;

a platform, a gallery, a gesture, an audience,

a stadium of indifference,

performance of Lady Gaga...

and Tilted Arc consequently.

The truth and appetite which works of art,

however temporarily, satisfy .

Without judges there is no art

and the self-conscious is a peasant no more.

Outside of science dilemma confronted

and divided the artificial life,

with mapping impulse in a secure

referential manner. The living image?

There was of course a record of something leading.

Intervention substituted of determined and controlled value:

exchange of censorship , prevention of discovering.

Refusal to be limited or ruled

by the  labyrinth  of mutilated

mind-destroying traditions!

Is there an Avant-Garde?


Gina Van-Lore, Summer 2010